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Introducing Snuffles Salted Caramel Bear

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Our exclusive Snuffles Bear designed and manufactured by GUND just for Cuddle Bug Toy Factory is finally here! And we LOVE this bear.

First, let me tell you about his journey. Poor Snuffles was stuck on a ship in the Pacific Ocean for over a month. Hanjin, the 6th biggest shipping company in the world, declared bankruptcy while Snuffles was on his way to us. So he sat on the ship until all the legal stuff was settled. GUND almost sent Snuffles to Canada so they could bring him down by train in time for Christmas. But luckily the ship was allowed to dock and unload – then by train from Los Angeles to GUND and by truck to New Jersey. Finally! Home sweet home…but only for a while until he gets adopted by someone who will love him dearly (true story!).

Snuffles Salted Caramel Bear is reminiscent of GUND Snuffles from years past, and “a kissing cousin” of the hugely popular Snuffles 30th Anniversary Bear. But make no mistake – Snuffles Salted Caramel has his own sophisticated but approachable charm.

Our special Snuffles has a chocolate caramel colored coat and each hair has a light tip giving him his special frosted or “salted” look. Beautifully coordinated with soft cream colored ears and a belly patch, the bear is a must have for all Snuffles lovers. It’s a limited edition bear, so get them before they’re gone.